Ceyla’s night with Sanju (Before Vector, of course. ;) )




With my IA (who just recently got off Balmora), it’s easy to miss this opportunity because there is no little ‘talk to me’ thing above his head. He’s just leaning against a wall right next to the phase exit. It’s too easy to miss. He’s just adorable. My IA wanted to take him with her, but alas. He said basically she was too badass and he wouldn’t be able to keep up. ^///^

This is why I’ve started clicking on anyone who, when you put the cursor on them, get that little dialogue box. Sometimes you don’t get anything, sometimes you get an unexpected convo. Sometimes it’s just a quick, yeah thanks for saving my life or whatever, and sometimes you get something like the nummy Sanju.

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    I think I went back to Balmorra to pay a visit and couldn’t find him. I could be wrong though. And the best part about...
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    IIRC, he’s inside the phase instance, so you probably won’t be able to get to him. =\ Sorry. But it never hurts to take...
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    Sanju is ADORABLE in that cutscene, and so sweetly romantic. I mean, he managed to melt some of Lunarisia’s heart, and...
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    I had no idea that there are non-quest NPC’s who will talk to you in a cutscene! I wonder if Sanju is still there, and...
  7. velkana said: Aww, I didn’t get this option either! Maybe because I had Sanju stay (spoilers…) embedded with that terrorist cell? If so, I know what Ze’sire won’t be doing when she hits Balmorra. ;)
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  10. bittersweet-lily said: wait what? I never got this… and I wanted … how how how *sad face*
  11. etonia said: Reminds me of before Trinn met Vector. It’s amazing how well bugboy manages to flummox the lady IAs.
  12. northernindra said: The handholding omg. On one hand, cute, on the other, soo OOC for my sniper.
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